Dioramansion 150 PLM Dioramansion 150: Racing Miku Pit 2019 Optional Panel Rd.7 SUGO

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Connect, stack and display your favorite figures with these assemblable background panels!
Presenting more Dioramansion 150: Racing Miku 2019 optional panels! These special optional panels are designed to connect to the Dioramansion 150 Racing Miku Pit series for more display opportunities than before! The panel illustrations feature the key visual illustrations of Racing Miku 2019 by Annindoufu!
The panels make a great display background when put together with the Dioramansion set, and an acrylic stand is also included to put just the illustration on display as well - plus it also makes for a great item to get signatures on during pit lane walks! A set of Dioramansion clips is also included allowing you to connect the panels in various different ways - make your very own custom display space or storage space!
*Available for presale from November 2nd to November 3rd 2019 at the GSR shop at SUPER GT Rd.8 Twin Ring Motegi and November 12th to 14th, December 3rd to 11th and 15th-20th at the GSR SHOP by FOREST Pop-Up Store in Akiba CO Gallery.

Material: ABS (UV Inkjet Print), PMMA.
Contents: 1x Main Panel + 1x Acrylic Stand. 2x Clips A/B Size: Approx. 150mm x 150mm
Item Code: PL88626
Dioramansion 150
© 杏仁豆腐 / Crypton Future Media, INC. www.piapro.net directed by コヤマシゲト

Release Date: 2020-03
Pre-Order Deadline: 2019-12-19

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