Dioramansion 150 PLM Dioramansion 150: Big Ben

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Connect, stack and display your favorite figures with these assemblable
background panels!

Displaying figures with a special display often makes a collection look more
appealing, but at the same time preparing a special display case is a huge
amount of effort. We heard the cries for an easier display option and created
this Dioramansion series of display backgrounds! They are simple to use and
can be used as a photography kit or simply as a complete display background!
There are various different ways to connect the plates together allowing you
to easily create your own customized display space for your figures! The
Dioramansion 150 series works great with Nendoroid figures!
Material: ABS (UV Inkjet Print) Contents: 3x Main Panels, 3x Clips A/B (With
Runners) Size: Approx. 150mm x 150mm
Item Code : PL88640
Dioramansion 150

Release Date: 2020-04
Pre-Order Deadline: 2020-01-23

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