Dark Advent Vol.1 Skytube Dragondress Sophia DX ver.1.1

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[Dark Advent] The first plastic model series "Dragondress Sophia" is hot for everyone

Re-appeared in "Ver.1.1" in response to your request!

In "Ver.1.1", the facial expression parts have been redesigned and designed by Mr. Amema!

It is now a specification that allows you to enjoy the new charm of Sophia.

Dark Advent is a plastic model series that pursues unprecedented play value by combining beautiful girl characters drawn by popular illustrator saitom based on Maki Asai's body "Mashinika".

For resale, Mr. Amema has newly designed not only the standard face of "front-facing straight face, screaming face, damaged face" but also the two additional faces + decal sheet attached to DX Ver. You can enjoy it in your favorite situation.

The gauntlet <Dragon Dress> attached to the right arm is deformed, and it is possible to pose for riding across its back. Sometimes like a companion, and sometimes as if possessed, he is by the beautiful girl Sophia.

The blades attached to both feet can be expanded like wings, removed and used as a sword, or can be attached to a halberd, allowing you to enjoy various arrangements.

By replacing the red horns of Sophia with hair parts, it is possible to change from the dark demon advent state to a bun hairstyle reminiscent of the original.

DX Ver. Invites you to a lewd space with not only additional faces but also special parts in the dragon's mouth and painted chest parts that are unique to R18 status.

Please enjoy the world view that made the power of darkness descend <Advent> and its devilish charm.

Sculptor: Maki Asai 

Hand parts x 9 (5 types for general version + 4 types for DX version)

Trident parts blade parts x 2

Dragon gauntlet parts pedestal set bun hair parts

Face parts x 6 (3 facial expressions for general version, 3 facial expressions for DX version)

Painted chest parts Dragon special parts

Decal sheet x 1 POM joint

Painted chest parts
Dragon special parts
Decal sheet POM
Unpainted, unassembled plakit
Non-scale 16 cm
Item Code: AX-1189
Dark Advent
© alphamax © Masaki Aspy

Updated Release Date: 2022-05
Release Date: 2021-11
Pre-Order Deadline: 2021-06-25

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