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Sacrifice Advent
The sacrifice admits the power of darkness to its body
The power of the advent of the darkness will make further change

<Alphamax × saitom × Asai Maki> will send you the [DarkAdvent] plastic model series, after many years of inventive ideas, is finally here.

It is a new plastic model combining a body body pursuing an unprecedented style and a beautiful girl character drawn by popular illustrator saitom, based on the prototype master, Maki Asai, Masayuki Asai.

The Gauntlet that looks like of a dragon when worn on the right arm of the beautiful girl Sophia, is like her partner, which she uses as a weapon.
You can pose Sophia as if she is straddling The Gauntlet.

Variable arrangements are possible with attached blades that can be equipped with extensible wing-shaped blades fitted on both feet to spread out, feet and arms, and even pegs.

The facial expression comes with three additional facial parts in addition to the regular version of the face facing forward, the fight directed to the left, the crying face and the one eye closed face, and you can enjoy a wider range of play.

By replacing the attached dumpling hair parts with the red two-sided parts, you can change from dark demon descent to pretty dumpling hair style.

Please enjoy the demeannical charm as seen from the powerful dark world that made Advent.

Sculptor: Maki Asai

Hand parts x5
Trident blade parts x2
Dragon Gauntlet Parts
Base set
Hair Parts
Face parts x6

Unpainted, unassembled plakit
Non-scale 16cm
Item Code: AX-0209
Dark Advent
 © alphamax © Masaki Aspy

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