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A girl with the help of the devil, that holiday is ---.

A girl (adult) "Sophia" who borrowed the power of alcohol.
We have commercialized a peaceful holiday between the battles of Sophia.
The baby doll with cute embroidery is replaceable.
New hand parts that allow you to relax in your room, deco bangs parts and cushions,
We deliver a lot of smartphones, sake, potato chips, tables and plenty of self-made performances.
A little cute dragon is also included.
She comes with three face plates including a smiling face, a non-printed face and decals.
Please enjoy the world view that made the power of darkness (alcohol content 9%) advent, and its devilish charm.
Product name Sophia Relax ver.
Title of work Dark Advent

Size Non scale Body height: Approximately 16 cm (excluding pedestal)
Specifications Unpainted, unassembled plastic kit
Accessories: 10 types of hand parts
Face parts x 6 (Facial expression parts with tampo printing x 1 Face without tampo printing x 5)
Deco bangs parts x 1, mini dragon x 1, table, cushion, smartphone, potato chips,
Can Chu-Hi (Large) x 2, (Small) x 2, Decal Sheet x 1 POM Joint Pedestal Set (Large) x 1, (Small) x 1
Item Code: AX-0265
Dark Advent
© Masaki Apsy © alphamax

Updated Release Date: 2023-07
Release Date: 2023-04
Pre-Order Deadline: 2022-09-10

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