chuchu doll HINA Hobby Japan「Royal checked girl」

chuchu doll HINA Hobby Japan「Royal checked girl」
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chuchu doll HINA's friend, YUME-chan, who has a lot of eyes, is here! !!
HINA's friend YUME appears for the first time in the Obitsu 11 size chuchu doll by popular doll writer DOLCHU.
YUME-chan has a face design with eyes. Mysteriously, I never get tired of seeing the elusive facial expressions that tend to be vaguely dreamy when viewed from above, and deeply pondered when viewed from below.
YUME comes with sewn clothes! A royal tartan check dress is layered with a ribbon sash, and an extra-fine corduroy cape and beret are combined to create a ceremonial out-of-the-way style.
Hairstyle is girly cherry brown princess cut long wave. Make a cloth pre-kit that is distributed free of charge on the Dollybird site, and enjoy changing clothes!
● Colored doll height approx. 12 cm
● Materials: PVC, ABS, POM, TPE, cloth, etc.
● Contents: Colored doll body (Obitsu 11 body, Super Whitey skin), replacement wrist parts,
plaid dress, ribbon sash, beret, Cape, tights, loafers with magnet (black)
● Prototype / makeup / costume design / DOLCHU
● Manufacturer / Obitsu Seisakusho
● Publisher / Hobby Japan
chuchu doll HINA

Release Date: 2022-12
Pre-Order Deadline: 2022-01-14
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