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You can easily make it with a paper craft sense! The second piece of cloth Prekit doll "chuchu doll HINA" is two people, "fairy tale apron dress".
"Chuchu doll" is an Obitsu 11 size Dollybird original doll. Popular doll writer DOLCHU is in charge of head prototype production and mask design. Costumes are in the state of printed cloth kit, including lace and hook and loop fasteners. Cut out with scissors and finish it in the same style as the photo if you stick together with "1" from the bond for cloth.
Cape that cat ear is cute is delivered in sewn. In addition to petticoat and tights (both sewn), shoes with magnets, replacement wrist, instructions for making cloth pre-kit are included.

White Rabbit Alice HINA's hair style is "Pale Blonde" hem Carl Long. The color of eyes is "navy × light blue".

PVC, ABS, cloth kit
12 cm
Obitsu Seisakusho (Doll body), Hobby Japan
Item Code: SP349
Hobby Japan

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