Character Vocal Series 03 FREEing Megurine Luka: Swimsuit Ver.

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A new series of figures that aim to create palm-sized figures that
are both 'SMALL & STYLISH' - S-style! The second to join the series is
Megurine Luka wearing a sexy swimsuit with her long hair elegantly
flowing around her.
While the figure is quite small, the sculpting of her characteristic
twin tails and even the coloring of her eyes have been given the
utmost attention to bring a high quality figure for a reasonable
price. You can also display her together with the first in the series,
Hatsune Miku, to start your S-style collection!
The S-style series is just beginning, so be sure to look forward to
more in the future!
Item code: F29592
Character Vocal Series 03
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