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From the anime series 'Chaos Dragon' comes a 1/8th scale figure of the master assassin that will eliminate any target given - Lou Zhenhua! The figure is based on an original illustration by Shimadoriru, the original character designer for the series.
Lou Zhenhua has been placed in a captivating pose, with the finer details of her design all faithfully captured in figure form! The enchanted sword 'Qisha Tianling' that she refers to as her Lord is included for her to hold, and the figure's base features a large skeletal head to bring out the atmosphere of the series in high quality for fans to enjoy by their side!
Painted 1/8th scale ABS&PVC complete product with stand included. Approximately 260mm in height.
Item Code : G44286
Chaos Dragon
© 混沌計画/「ケイオスドラゴン赤竜戦役」 製作委員会

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