Butcher U Original Character native Rui Akasaka

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Restaurant character by Butcher U in figure form!
Pulled from an original story set in a restaurant, independently published by Butcher U, we present this figure of character "Rui Akasaka."
Welcome to a restaurant where picturesque waitresses serve customers around the clock.
With an authentic styled costume and obligatory restaurant counter, transform part of your space into that heady dreamscape.
Interchange upper body parts for an unforgettable happy hour.
And her breasts - her most astounding feature - are sculpted with a heavenly weight that presses into the counter while maintaining the stylistic softness for which Butcher U is renowned.
PVC, ABS; fully painted and assembled 1/7 scale figure
Total Height: 240mm
Interchangeable upper body, counter, chair, menu x 2, paper towels and used condom parts are included.
Item Code : N93162
Butcher U Original Character
©  ブッチャーU

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