Bungo Stray Dogs Nendoroid Doll: Outfit Set (Osamu Dazai)

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From "Bungo Stray Dogs" comes a Nendoroid Doll Outfit Set!
Nendoroid Doll Osamu Dazai's outfit set.
Set Contents:
Trench Coat
Shirt with Vest Attached
Dress Shoes (with Magnets in Soles)
*Please note that the actual figure and torso display are not included with this product.
*All items included with Nendoroid Doll: Outfit Set (Osamu Dazai) are also included with Nendoroid Doll Osamu Dazai.
Materials: Cotton, Polyester, PVC, Magnets
Item Code : G96593
Bungo Stray Dogs
© 朝霧カフカ・春河35/KADOKAWA/2019文豪ストレイドッグス製作委員会
Release Date: 2020-08
Pre-Order Deadline: 2019-10-10

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