Bishoujo Mangekyou -Norowareshi Densetsu no Shoujo Skytube Kirie Kagarino illustration by Jin Happoubi

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From Bishoujo Mangekyou -Norowareshi Densetsu no Shoujo
A mysterious and cool heroine · 篝 ノ ノ bran appears!
A beautiful original picture drawn by Mr. Jin Happoubi as it is, with a handy red wine with one hand
I sat on a chair and reproduced a smiley fog branch.
The jet black dress that envelops herself and the flow of twin tails,
I made it over details such as garter tights. Dresses can be cast off.
Please come and enjoy the magical and puzzling appearance of the fog branch by all means.

Completely supervised by Jin Happoubi

Sculptor: EGG

PVC 1/6 scale 19.5 cm
Item Code: AX-1069
 © 八宝備仁

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