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The new product is an original character "Halloween Shojo" which the product illustration was done be a doujin illustrator Koutaro who also illustrated our recently announced "Sotsugyo Shojo".
It is a 1/7 scale figure which is sculpted in detail with careful attention to his illustration details.
Twin ponytails with a witch hat and wearing a short cape makes her look very cute.
Her facial expression seems to look a bit surprised.
It comes with a broomstick with a ribbon and jack o' lantern with a witch hat on to have the Halloween expression.
For the jack o' lantern, it also comes with a small light that can be put inside and glows almost like a candle.
Also from time to time, we will be announcing products that are illustrated by Koutaro.
This product will be 1/7 scale figure.
 24.5 cm (Including the base)
Item code: BTC02
Halloween Shojo
© Halloween Shojo

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