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Original Bunny Gurl illustrated by the famous artist Yamaishi18!
We transformed the illustration of the famous artist Yamaishi18 in a 1/4 scale original bunny figure!
Everyone's favorite eldest sister in a bunny outfit....the dream people have been wishing for is finally here!
With real fishnet stockings and dazzling bunny suit, you will be completely satisfied in this big 1/4 scale figure!
We will deliver this bunny girl in her cute bunny suit, flashy skirt attached.
Don't hesitate to enthrust your well-being to her.
No need to worry about sudden visitors accidentally seeing her! Her frilled skirt is customized to cover the
delicate parts in a secretive manner.
PVC・ABS・cloth・ fully painted and assembled
Total height: 1/4 scale
Included: :L&R open bra cup interchangeable parts, mirrored base
Item Code : BG60083
BINDing Creators Opinion
© 山石18

Updated Release Date: 2022-10 (Delayed due to GSC supply chain issues)
Release Date: 2022-02
Pre-Order Deadline: 2021-06-13

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