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The TV anime "Betterman" aired in 1999, which shares a world view with "The King of Braves Gaogaigar" and whose characters also appear in "King of Braves Gaogaigar vs. Betterman". At the time of production of this work, as one of the setting materials for drawing reference, a phantom concept model in which only one body was produced by the modeling artist "Kenji Ando". The prestige of only the one-off model, which is a bit different from the description in the main part of the animation, received a lot of feedback when the animation was aired, but after that, it slept for 20 years without seeing the light of day. This item, which spent such a time, has been miraculously commercialized as a PVC product from AMAKUNI. Please recreate the confrontation scene with the image of "Hakaiou ~ Gaogaigar vs. Betterman ~" together with "AMAKUNI Kizin Genesic Gaogaigar (resale)*" and "AMAKUNI Kizin Genesic Gaogaigar Optional Parts Set*" that are accepting reservations at the same time. 
1/7scale 18cm
Item Code: SP414
Release Date: 2022-06
Pre-Order Deadline: 2021-06-01

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