Berserk ART OF WAR Beherit 2015 -Blue Eyes Egg of the King-

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This item is Not a Real Pendant and it is not suitable for Wearing. It is a Figure made by Polystone. It is fragile and if you wear it frequently, the hand-painted color will fade.
Since the last release of opened eyes Beherit, we received a lot of requests for a new version.
The Blue opened eyes highlight the Beherit's vitality, enhanced by a highly precise coloring technique. Our skilled artisans will hand-craft the Beherit's blue eyes layer by layer to produce the highest quality. You will appreciate the graphic detail in the eyes every time.
The Beherit has been painted in a dark red, then crimson, and other various colors have been used to give it a moderate luster and a delicate effect. Likewise, the paint application on the surface that vividly shows the blood veins makes the Beherit seem alive in every detail. We hope this combination will allure you into the world of Berserk, and also give you a fresh perspective on the Beherit figures.
The metal fittings scratching into the top of the egg, give this statue a vivid modeling.

Material- Polystone
Polystone is a compound made up largely of polyurethane resin mixed with powdered stone additives that give it added weight and the porcelain or "stone-like" feel that results in the materials' name itself. Compared with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polystone is durable and highly effective at maintaining a sharp paint finish.
The vessel-like paint application on the surface was hand painted. You will be surprised at how the latest Beherit is being made in great detail. The fantastic finishing was all done by our skilled artisans. Moreover, the color of Beherit's eyes and lips greatly brought out the Beherit's complexion. Compared to the quietness of the "Egg of the King", you can feel "Shoku" is with realistic facial expression through its tearful eyes, pupils, lips, and the teeth. We believe you will have fun with this Beherit.
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