Berserk ART OF WAR Beherit 2012 Version -Eclipse-

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This item is Not a Real Pendant and it is not suitable for Wearing. It is a Figure made by Polystone. It is fragile and if you wear it frequently, the hand-painted color will fade. 
"Shoku" is just like a living creature who shouts in pain. We chose to use crimson and other various colors to give it moderate luster and delicate effects. We added bright red to represent the intensity of "Shoku". You can enjoy the subtle gradations of color.

The vessel-like paint application on the surface was hand painted. You will be surprised at how the latest Beherit is being made in great detail. The fantastic finishing was all done by our skilled artisans. Moreover, the color of Beherit's eyes and lips greatly brought out the Beherit's complexion. Compared to the quietness of the "Egg of the King", you can feel "Shoku" is with realistic facial expression through its tearful eyes, pupils, lips, and the teeth. We believe you will have fun with this Beherit.

"Beherit: Shoku"- 2012 Version (Red braided leather cord without clasp)
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