BANANA FISH FREEing Statue and ring style - Ash Lynx (gold ring ~Only one rose~) #9

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A glistening yellow gold ring based on Ash Lynx.

From BANANA FISH comes a ring based on Ash Lynx. The rings were designed by Estonian fine jewelry brand, "LO COCO & KUBPART." The designer created the ring with Ash and a rose as the main motifs. The ring is genuine jewelry, featuring K18 yellow gold, black diamond and green quartz. The intricate design of the ring is sure to make your hand shine too. "Ash Lynx" is engraved on the inside of the ring. The ring is truly one-of-a-kind. The corresponding statue of Ash Lynx (sold separately) scheduled to be revealed in the coming days can be used as a ring holder. Be sure to add the ring and statue to your collection.

Specification : Ring
Materials  :K18 yellow gold, green quartz, black diamond
Ring Width  :Approx. 1.8~2.1mm
Ring Thickness  :Approx. 1.0mm~1.2mm
Green Quartz  :2.5mm
Black Diamond  :1.3mmx1p 1.5mmx1p (0.02ct)
Item Code : F29868
© 吉田秋生・小学館/Project BANANA FISH

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