AzurLane FREEing UNION CREATIVE B-style Boise : Sheepish Sapphire

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The Union light cruiser Boise from "Azur Lane" appears in the super-sized "B-Style" figure lineup from Freeing in her "Sheepish Sapphire" outfit! Usually seen wearing a mask, Boise is not used to having her face exposed, so she's hiding bashfully behind one of her braids! Her uniquely designed bunny suit has been carefully sculpted to show every detail -- even the back side, which isn't visible in the original illustration! Transparent parts are also used to accurately depict her futuristic outfit. A base is included. You'll love her softly flowing hair, and her anxious expression and slightly awkward pose are endearing -- order her for your own collection today, Commander!

40 cm
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Release Date: 2024-07
Pre-Order Deadline: 2023-10-10

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