Arknights APEX Chen

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We’d like to introduce to you the latest figurine product of APEX company, the 1/7 scale figure of Chen, a popular character from social game "Arknights".
This new work maintains the consistent high level of sculpting and coloring of APEX company. The whole figurine is designed in great details, like those leather greaves and her silk shirt under the black coat, different textiles are reproduced excellently by different coloring skills. From her manly look and her left hand grasping the crimson sword "Chi-xiao", we can feel her determination to terminate all the evil deeds.
Last but not least, an acrylic key chain of the character's illustration will also be attached as a special pre-order gift. Make sure not to miss this amazing product!
1/7 25.8 cm
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Release Date: 2021-10
Pre-Order Deadline: 2021-02-18

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