Angel Beats! Good Smile Company Tenshi (Tachibana Kanade) 1/8 (Re-Run)

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To commemorate the release of the Angel Beats! Blu-ray BOX and PC game 'Angel Beats! -1st beat-' comes a rerelease of the Dengekiya figure released in 2013!
Katsuzo Hirata, the character designer and animation director for the 'Angel Beats!' anime series, made a stunning illustration of Tenshi showing off her lovely wings and soft skin, which has been transformed into this beautiful scale figure. Make sure you don't miss out on this change to grab your very own angel!
* Please note that the packaging of this version will differ from the
original edition.
* The figure itself is unchanged from the original version.
* In Japan, the product is ONLY available at Dengekiya. The product
will not be offered for Japanese wholeseller/ reseller.
Angel Beats!
©VisualArt's/Key/Angel Beats! Project

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