Aim for the Top 2! Max Factory Lal'C Mellk Mal

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From the Sci-Fi anime that was made in commemoration of GAINAX's 20th anniversary 'Aim for the Top 2!' (also known as Diebuster) comes a figure of Lal'C Mellk Mal wearing her uniform. She is posed seated on one of the 'spherical chairs' from the series.
The unique near-future design of her outfit and accessories, her unique figure, slim legs and even the gentle but confident expression on her face have all been carefully sculpted, creating a figure filled with highlights for fans to enjoy. The peace seal on her forehead can be attached and removed whenever you like.
Item code: M04217
Aim for the Top 2! (DIEBUSTER)
Copyrights: ©2003 GAINAX/TOP2委員会

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