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abec 's long awaited new work is native's first yuri figure!
The third installment in abec's popular series, after "Hotori Yoshii" and "Suzuki Margit",
is a figure representing the forbidden sapphic love between chairwoman Munetoku Ichimanda and secretary Tokuno Senzaki.
The voluptuous secretary Tokuno Senzaki has been pushed down onto her desk and is ready to “take it.”
There’s distinct contrast between her calm feminine look and scandalous posture - but therein lies her charm.
By combining her with "Tokuno Senzaki",
you can enjoy the sapphic love world created by their contrasting atmospheres and body types.
Enjoy the two's intertwining.
This product can also be reserved as a two piece set including both "Munetoku Ichimanda" and "Tokuno Senzaki".
Please make sure that there is no mistake in whether you want to purchase a single piece or the set.
■Purchase the "Munetoku Ichimanda and Tokuno Senzaki two piece set" here.
■Purchase "Tokuno Senzaki" as a single piece here.
PVC・ABS fully painted and assembled.Total Height: Approximately 100 mm.Included: Table.Set Total Height:Approximately 135mm.
Item Code : N93156
abec original characters
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