Nendoroid More: CUBE 01 Classroom Set

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A new series of accessories for Nendoroids called the 'Nendoroid More: CUBE' series is starting off with this classroom set! The name comes from the fact that all the accessories have a cube-like appearance that suits the chibi look of Nendoroids perfectly!

This set includes a lectern, desk, bookshelf, books, lockers, a computer and more! All sorts of items that will make decorating a Nendoroid-sized classroom a quick and easy task - give your Nendoroids the perfect place to study!

· School Desk x2
· Locker x2
· Bookshelf x1
· Lectern x1
· Computer x1
· Book x3
· Classroom Display Sheet (Paper)
· Various Stickers (PC Screen, keyboard, books, blackboard writing)

*Images represent an example of use. All Nendoroid figures are sold separately.

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