Fate/stay night RAH Saber Lily


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●Heights approximately 300mm
●Solid body of Saber Lily is created from visiual novel『Fate/stay night』!
●Three face types and two hair types are included for PVC head and possible to make six version!
●Caliburn: Golden Sword of Assured Victory included!The sword can be stored in the sheath!
●Armor reproduced with an elaborate details through dense molding!
●Useing luster material for the dress! Reproduced garter belt as well!
●Dress edge, like a petal has a wire inside to enjoy movement!
●Variety of wrist parts included!
●Built-in RAH FEMALE Body made possible for the style of it's own and moveability at same time!
●Movable figure stand included!
●For the first edition only: Include the parts for the dress style!
●The Sample shown is in supervision, products may be slightly different from the photo.

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