BEATLESS "Tool for the Outsourcers"

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What started off as a a figure of Leicia quickly became a popular Sci-Fi novel 'BEATLESS', published in monthly Newtype magazine. The novel was even nominated as a finalist for the 34th Japanese Sci-Fi Novel Awards, and the charm of the BEATLESS universe has now been captured in this limited edition set for fans to enjoy!

The set features a compilation image album CD produced by kz(livetune) featuring all original songs, as well as an official guidebook illustrated by redjuice. The anime illustrations drawn for Tokyo Otaku Mode's English version by WIT STUDIO as well as original rough and never-before-seen concept art will also be included! The design of the set is by Tsuyoshi Kusano Design, the same team behind 'THE IDOLM@STER' and 'Guilty Crown', and will also feature a special sleeve. It's a set composed of everything that makes up the BEATLESS world!

Set Contents: Image Album CD produced by kz(livetune) / Guidebook 'INSIDE BEATLESS' / WIT STUDIO Image Book

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