Nisemonogatari Kotobukiya Shinobu Oshino Ani Statue 1/8

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" Series Second Season" is popular broadcast, the original was also entered the final season than " Series", the king of the grotesque, the ends of the familiar vampire strongest, is the appearance of "Oshino Shinobu".

I did three-dimensional in a pretty white dress and straw hat appearance of "false story". Straw hat which was particular about fine detailing and ribbon will be removable. A "pretty smile" good-humored innocent, like the vampire, face parts of two types of "smile suspicious" of leer comes with, the specifications to be able to enjoy, different aspects of the two of Oshino Shinobu with a donut of favorite food we become.

As an accessory, other than in a box of donuts and donut, signature-based clear shadow "my Alge-like" Araragi calendar is on also will be attached.

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