Evangelion 2.0 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE Medicom Toy Shokouki RAH (Repro)

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● (to both shoulder armor from the step) Height approx 390mm
● The three-dimensional full action figure Evangelion first unit!
● head distinctive, such as open mouth, Completely reproduce the image in the play! ● Built-in complete new body of Evangelion!
By covered with armor parts the inner suit special coating cloth, and both moving and realistic look!
● is covered with soft parts arm, I realize the appearance unbroken!
● is a weapon in the main, palette rifle and progressive knife attached!
● detachable umbilical cable is attached! Free poses can use the soft material code part!
● armor of the back hatch open!
Reproducible and entry plug parts supplied is not inserted and the insertion! ● Various wrist attached!
Figure comes with stand ●!

*Note ATF field is not included. Renewal Package design.

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