Fate/Stay Night Medicom Toy Saber Alter RAH

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Reproduced [SABER ALTER] armor figure with 3D from the animation [Fate/stay night]!
*PVC head parts is realistically reproduced from the image of episode! Can be reproduced various expressions by included 3 kinds of changeable expression parts and 2 kinds of wind flied forelock parts! *Include [EFFECT parts] which is radiating energy mode, in addition to dyed black [EXCALIBUR(sword)]
*Include armor, bare hands and various wrist parts!
*Armor is removable! Also inside the dress is realistically reproduced! Moreover dress figure can be reproduced combination with bare hands parts!
*Inside of waist side armor, skirt, tail of blue dress and apron have wire in to enable make some moves!
Faithfully reproducible the dynamic movement of armor and cloth from the battle scenes! *Included movable figure stand

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