Detonator Orgun Sen-tin-el RIOBOT Orgun

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This legends of the OVA 「Detonator · Orgun」is a story of main role SHINDOU TOMORU. After transfiguration, he becomes Detonator Organ (earth made). Prototype maker is Moriguchi Aran. He makes the image of this OVA which produced by Obari Masami come real. Not only the body shape, but also the movable action, both of them can let everybody enjoy absolutely. As the above photos show, toe is movable. It makes the figure to be played in different pose. According to the idea from CHEMICAL ATTACK North East division Suzuki Eiji, head's and beast's P.E.C. Canon & Grand kurusu attack are designed respectively. And, Big gun is made also. It is offical weapon and the idea from Kakinuma Hideki. For this Orgun, all white is not injection color but spray. High quality will be the concept of this item.

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