Gintama ALPHA OMEGA Yagyu Kyubei

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From "Gintama", which popularity is rising sky-high after the decision of its 2nd movie coming up in July, 2013, "Kyubei Yagyu", who won the 3rd place in "Vote for the next commercialization for G.E.M. "Gintama"", is here. Replicated in the costume from "Snack Smile", the figure is designed gorgeously with girly costumes and hair-style, unlike the usual Hakama. The pose which she holds her katana blade with piercing eyes is made perfectly for the genius ever since the Yagyu family is founded. "Shy Pose" can be recreated by exchanging the upper body parts. Both represents Kyubei herself and her charm. "Bichigusomaru" is included, to be posed beside Kyubei with its head in a cute angle brings out more fun.


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