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New model joins 35MechatroWeGo line-up! Here comes modern metallic green "Neo British"!


"British", which appears in "Tiny MechatroWeGo Box2", uses the classic British Racing Green commonly seen in the old days on cars representing the U.K. in the world of motorsports.

The 35MechatroWeGo version "Neo British" also adopts this traditional green as the basic tone but creates a strong sense of modernity by changing it into a metallic green never seen before.

Bright fluorescent pink lines are added to the periphery of the parts simulating car's hubcap making it look like a racing car even more. This is a MechatroWeGo that perfectly combines the characteristic of metallic colour and die-cast body!

<Product specifications>

Coloring design is supervised by Kazushi Kobayashi (MODERHYTHM). By having Mr. Kobayashi produce color chips and painting samples, we have made a product that achieved high degree of color reproduction of his original sample.

The product package has been changed to a clear box so that the figure can be displayed in a dynamic pose.

The height of 1/35 scale MechatroWeGo 80’s is approximately 75mm, which perfectly fits in your hand!

The head hatch can be opened and closed, and each joint such as the arms and legs are articulated, so you can easily enjoy flexible poses.

Die-cast metal is used for most of the outer body. The high class feeling of the glossy diecast metal is similar to a mini car.

You will love the feel when you hold it in your hand.

In addition, each outer body part is interchangeable, so build your own WeGo by changing parts with other types from the series.

*Display stand is not included.

ABS, Diecast, PA 75 mm
Item Code: 46385
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Release Date: 2021-10
Pre-Order Deadline: 2021-06-01

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