Nendoroid Play Set #04: Western Set B

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The 4th Nendoroid Play Set from Phat Company! This set gives creates a very dignified Western-styled home for your Nendoroids! The set is separated into two different sides, and this B set is the door-side of the room, and is designed as a dining room for your Nendoroids.

* The door can open and close, and the carpet is made from felt.
* Included in the set is a Nendoroid-sized dining set, a fireplace, a stuffed animal display and a beautiful painting. All there to give your Nendoroids a high-quality Western home.
* The A and B sets can be connected into one single room, you can use it in place of a display case for your Nendoroids!

- Set Contents -
Fireplace, painting, stuffed animal head, wall-mounted light, dining table with two chairs, candlestick, wine bottle with a glass and a felt carpet.

Please note that no Nendoroids are included with this product.

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