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Transforming! Combining! Action! Die-cast included!
The long-awaited ultimate DANCOUGA presented by SEN-TI-NEL has been released finally!

""DANCOUGA"" at last coming to the ""METAMOR-FORCE"" series that be known for its transforming and combining gimmick.

The 3-stage transformation for each beast machines and the 4-unit combination are recreated while the proportion of DANCOUGA mode been kept as the first priority.

Not only the combination with Daigan, but the transformation of the flying booster are also reproduced faithfully.

Even if this combinable TOY includes diecast materials, the action gimmicks are still fantastic and charming. As it is called, ""the ultimate DANCOUGA"".

Design: Yuuki Nakamura
Painting: Yoji Hayakawa

Set contents: Main figure, Dankuken, Daigan, Flying booster(transformable), Roar head(non-transformable)

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