Amamitsuki Original Character Magicbullet M ~Histoire d’M~

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You know what, I... If this is what you want, I can do it...
Unlike our "Ade-sugata" series that focused on bondage, the all-new "M ~Histoire d’M~" 1/6 scale figures depict immoral scenes of "Shame Training Fetish Play."
Like future figures, this one is replete with optional parts.
(Alternate facial expression, 2 x lower bodies, alternate arms)
Character design by Amamitsuki.
A rebellious school girl's dirty secret. Usually stubborn and brash, for you she transforms into a sweet and obedient creature.
As you can see, the "M" in the title comes from the M-shaped pose of her legs. And the subtitle, "Histoire d’M" was inspired by the modern S&M literary masterpiece "Histoire d’O" (Story of O) by Pauline Reage.
A girl who surrenders herself to your extreme desires.
Not agony but rapture.
Not depravity but aesthetic.
A world of passion and transgression only the two of you share.
Confirm for yourself, this "love more likened to madness" that transcends the bonds of master and slave.
Like all of magicbullet(s) figures, this girl has no name.
Why don't you be the one to name her...
PVC, ABS; fully painted and assembled 1/6 Scale Total Height: 200mm
Item Code : MC40012
Amamitsuki Original Character
©  天三月

Updated Release Date: 2021-09
Pre-Order Deadline: 2020-10-08

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