Takeya-Shiki Jizai-Okimono KAIYODO Vintage Diving Suits Collection No.01 Normal Color Ver.

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Digital Prototype: Tsuneyuki Ida
Planning & Prototype supervision: Takashi Yamaguchi, Takayuki Takeya
Welcome to the deep sea world...
Much of the deep sea still remains unexplored. Throughout history, innumerable human beings have been wanting to reach that unknown world. The various "diving suits" that visualizes the spirit of exploration will be made into action figures in "Takeya-Shiki Jizai-Okimono" series! The title is "Vintage Diving Suits Collection".

The first item is a reproduction of the diving suit developed by the Carmagnolle brothers in France in the 1880s, featuring splendid paint work that makes the figure look heavy. The unique form and the design that truly thinks that human can actually the suit are like an ancestor of the powered suits.
The 10 lens parts on the helmet are attractively shaped using clear parts.
While the joints are designed to be as simple as possible just like real vintage diving suit, the figure is still able to strike some challenging poses.
Metal's weightiness and rough texture of the diving suit, plus a somewhat adorable design, exudes a timeless appeal.
You can display it like an exhibit in a museum using the display stand."
Approx. 150mm
Item no. : 46377
Takeya-Shiki Jizai-Okimono
© Takeya-Shiki Jizai-Okimono

Release Date: 2021-09
Pre-Order Deadline: 2021-04-15

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